Comparison of Web 3.0 wallets

What is Web3.0 wallet? Why can't we store money on exchanges?

Advantages of wallets using Web 3.0 technological developments:

· Powerful privacy protection.

So what to choose?

There are both hardware and online (web/mobile) versions. Hardware ones are the most secure way to cope with crypto because your private keys are encrypted in a specialized device. And you, of course, get your seed phrases as a backup.


I already told you that hardware wallets are still the most secure option. So, let’s look at their comparison and decide which to choose.

What else to say

I would like to say that I hope the information presented will be useful to beginners in the topic of storing their digital assets. I have reviewed the 4 most common wallets and tried to put all the basic information that you need at the first stage for choosing.



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